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Search Engine Optimization is an in depth and extensive process that will return favorable search term results in major search engines.


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Search engine optimization includes many aspects. Legitimate relevancy, comprehension of your efforts, and complying with the guidelines established by search engines.

You can build a website a website from a user or potential visitor point of view. It is unlikely that this method will give you a search engine optimized website. Meta Tags are still used by search engines at least in the sense of obtaining information about your site in regards to Title, Description, and Keywords. are still used by search engines at least in the sense of obtaining information about your site in regards to Title, Description, and Keywords.

Note: (There is a generalized consensus that keywords are not relevant to major search engines. We disagree with this and believe that they still use keywords as part of their algorithmic indexation)

This can be used by search engines to potentially determine the relevancy of a website and dramatically contribute to the position of the listing on the results pages of search terms. It is recommended that you build a Site Map for your visitors, more importantly adding an XML Site Map for search engines.

The sad truth is that Link Popularity currently appears to be the predominate factor that determines where a website will be placed. Why is this sad? Because Link Popularity is based on what website developers and owners think, not what a visitor or customer would; you could have the best website in the world with the best original content and not get noticed because of this. The good part is that it weeds out duplicate and websites lacking in content.

Remedies: Affiliate Programs, Link Exchanges, and Directories are viable methods that increase Link Popularity while simultaneously giving you the ability to reach potential visitors.

Remember: Content is accredited for being one the most important factors. Optimize your site and do not mislead.


Legitimate search engine optimization was created as a direct result of spammers and con artists. In the beginning days of Yahoo, you could do a search for "gardening" and get some results that may say something like "plant bulbs and certain types of herbs or vegetables in the spring time, depending on when..." Click on the link and find yourself on the home page of a pornography site.

Search engines were not very good tools at that time. They have come a long way since then. Unfortunately, they are still extremely limited and rather worthless in the big picture and with what the future holds. We don't mean to trash or be overly critical of search engines, as they have accomplished wonderful improvements and provide a great place to start.

The most important aspect of all SEO practices is to stick to what you know and feel to be right. If what you are doing is useful, honest, and of benefit to others; search engines will catch on, and honor your efforts.

The apparent trend of Link Popularity and Page Rank becoming less and less valuable is a good thing. It will lead to what is most important: Relevancy, Content, and Originality.

This doesn't mean that you aren't going to still have to jump through hoops and sometimes burning rings of fire. Capitalistic search engines will always have their methods to channel and lure people to them and keep them as long as possible.

We encourage everyone to be a more independent and less reliant on the games that search engines use, in regards to what you have to do be successful at SEO. This will help raise the bar of Quality throughout the web.


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